Letting rabbits run outside?

by Nia Coppini
(Churchville, NY)

I will be buying two or maybe three rabbits soon and they will either be pure bred English angoras, pure french or a hybrid of both.

I have worked with all these before in my GVEP Boces animal science class but one thing we never did was treat them like pets like i would like to do, and was just wondering about if letting these young bunnies run around out side in a chicken wire fenced area would be okay for them? and if there's anything id need to worry about other that them getting out/predators?

thank you
You will probably need to place rabbit cage wire around the outside of a chicken pen to keep predators out. Chicken wire is likely OK for keeping out larger predators as long as it is strong enough. But smaller ones like rats and snakes can easily get past chicken wire so the reason for adding rabbit cage wire at the bottom.

You will most likely also need to check your bunnies feet for signs of ringworm occasionally. They may also be exposed to fleas and no see-ums (very small insects and other pests).

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