Meat Rabbits

Meat rabbits feature meaty loins and rapid growth rates. The body is well-muscled throughout and is known for its gradual rise and fall up to the hips and down towards the tail. You should not see any daylight under their belly when they are at rest.

Many ARBA rabbit breeds fall under this category, including the French, Satin and Giant Angoras, Champagne D'Argent, Californian, American Chinchilla, Cinnamon, Crème D'Argent, Harlequin, French Lop, New Zealand, Palomino, Rex, Satin, American Sable, Silver Fox and the Silver Marten.

Rabbit meat is nutritious, delicious and low in fat. Domestic rabbit is all white meat and has a very fine grain. It can be compared to chicken, but it has less fat to worry about. It is easily digestible, making it perfect for people on special diets. Rabbit is making a comeback on the dinner table at home and in fine restaurants.
Rabbit Meat

The United States suffers from the Easter Bunny syndrome. Instead of making the most out of rabbit recipes, using a delicious and nutritious form of meat, we take one look at the fluffy bunny in front of us and run.
Rabbit Recipes

Between the economy and all of the food recalls lately, lots of people are thinking about ways to provide food for their families through their own efforts. Some have planted gardens, some are raising a few chickens to provide eggs and some have turned to raising meat rabbits. Why meat rabbits? There are lots of great reasons for raising rabbits for meat to help feed your family.
Raising Meat Rabbits

rabbits for meat

With today's economy and the issues plaguing many commercially produced foods, more people are turning to raising rabbits for meat to produce at least some of their own food. Many people can grow a small garden, but what about meat? With all the bad press given to factory farms, people are beginning to look for healthier alternatives.

The New Zealand Meat Rabbit was developed specifically to provide a large, fast growing rabbit to raise for the meat industry. Adults weigh 9 to 11 pounds at maturity. New Zealands produce large litters consistently, which is another trait that makes them popular for meat rabbits.

Rabbit Farms exist to raise rabbit meat, furs and wool. Before you jump into starting your own, there is a lot of homework you need to do first. You want to find out what kind of market exists for the product you want to produce.

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