My First Home
Extra Large Rabbit Cage

If you are bringing home your very first pet rabbit, you'll want to find a cage that doesn't cost too much, offers your pet a lot of room and is easy to clean. You can get all of that with the My First Home Extra Large Rabbit Cage.

This roomy cage features a deep bottom that is easy to clean and a wire top that just pops right into place on the bottom, keeping your pet safe and secure.

There is plenty of room in this cage for the accessories your pet will need like a food bowl and some toys. You can hang a toy from the top that will give your pet hours of enjoyment. Wooden parrot toys make good choices. The bottom of the cage is nice and deep. Fill it with kiln dried pine or a pet friendly bedding like CareFresh or another paper pulp bedding will keep your pet dry and comfortable.

The deep sides are designed to keep the bedding in with your rabbit and not on your floor. Some rabbits do like to dig, so you may find some bedding escapes occasionally.

The wire top comes off easily for cleaning. The wire is coated so it does not suffer if your rabbit occasionally chews on it. You can easily hook a water bottle to the wire so your pet can drink. This durable top will last a long time.

A door on one side opens for easy access to your pet. It is built like a ramp, allowing your pet to use it as such safely. Your rabbit can go in and out as you choose. Just make sure your pet is supervised when he is out of the cage.

Rabbits are notorious for chewing on cords, wires and furniture. They can dig at carpeting or chew on clothing. This cage keeps your pet secure when you are not there to watch.

You can get other accessories to keep your pet happy. A hay rack can easily be fitted onto the wire top, allowing your rabbit access to delicious hay while keeping him entertained by pulling it through the bars.

Clean the cage as needed. Your pet can be supervised by someone else or put into a pet carrier while you clean. Remove the top and dump the bedding out of the bottom into the trash or into your compost pile. Scrape the bottom clean. Wash it out and dry it thoroughly before adding fresh bedding.

The bottom does not stain easily, so your pet's cage will look lovely for a long time. Attach the top of the cage to the bottom and replace your pet's things. It is all ready for your rabbit once again. Don't be surprised if your rabbit rearranges things a bit after each cleaning.

My First Home Extra Large Rabbit Cage: These cages are durable and last a long time. Your pet will have a wonderful secure home for years to come. This cage works well on the floor in any room. You can also set it on a table top if you are careful that your pet doesn't come out on their own.

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