My Netherland Dwarfs

Just purchased 3 Netherland Dwarf rabbits from Twila Coffey. Twila has provided several people a start in breeding Netherland Dwarfs for ARBA showing. Thanks Twila.

Here are my 3 new bunnies:

Netherland Dwarf Chestnut buck

Netherland Dwarf Chestnut buck in cage

Coffey's LA is a Chestnut buck born May 8, 2010. He won 4 legs in the ARBA show circuit. He is now too big to show but should make an excellent sire of future generations - time will tell.

The second photo shows him in his brand new cage. He had to explore his new home and enjoyed rolling the tube around and tossing it about. He also made quick work of the hay stuffed inside.

Getting used to new photo editing software and the first picture above doesn't show his actual color. The second photo is a better representation of his true color.

Netherland Dwarf Black Otter Doe

Coffey's KOY is a Black Otter doe born August 7, 2011. I only have record of one show where she placed second of five. Judges remarks states "white hairs". Her sire won 18 legs and her dam won 4. Looking forward to several cute babies.

I took more pictures of her but could not get them to upload using "picmonkey" software. Not sure why, but I will continue to work on this next week. Sometimes these problems get fixed within a few hours or days.

Netherland Dwarf Chestnut Doe

Netherland Dwarf Chestnut Doe in Cage

Coffey's RUY is a Chestnut doe born July 12, 2011 and is ready to breed. She is also too heavy to show in ARBA classes. I have no records of her having been shown, but am hoping for some great babies.

She cleans up her feed dish and hay quickly. She also enjoys ripping the cardboard apart.

The second picture shows her playing with a cardboard tube stuffed with hay.

This weekend (4-22-2012) both does will be bred to Coffey's LA. We should have litters to show you in late May, 2012.

Those are my Netherland Dwarfs that will begin the foundation for my rabbit show project.

Update 5-11-2012: My grandson named the rabbits so they are now officially pets. He named the buck Ronald McDonald, the chestnut doe, Jessie, and the black opal doe, Buttercup. Click on their names to get further updates and photos on each of these does and their babies.

Both does were bred 4-22-2012 as scheduled. Jessie is eating a lot but Buttercup is only eating a bit more than she was (better palpate her tomorrow to make sure she is pregnant).

Jessie had 2 Ruby-Eyed white babies (kits). Click her name above to see pictures and more info.

Buttercup had to be bred again on May 28th because all her babies from her first litter died. Click on her name above for updates.

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