My Rabbit has one ear up. What does it mean?

by Chani
(West Salem, Illinois, usa)

What does one ear up mean? I am wondering because my new rabbit has one ear up and I don't know what it means.

I just sent a message to the expert (my daughter Jenny). I'm just the webmaster. Expect an answer tomorrow.

Jenny says they are lazy (jokingly) or mixed breed. But most likely a mixed breed. I have a lop cross and one ear is always up and one down.

Since many domestic breeds are created by mixing breeds, it is not that unusual for genetics to vary from the desired breed characteristic.

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Aug 21, 2012
i need help for my rabbit
by: jenny

can u give me more information please i don't under stand what is mixed breed:):)

You get a mixed breed when you mate a buck of one breed to a doe of another breed. For instance, I have considered breeding one of my Netherland Dwarf does to a mini-lop buck to see if I get interesting mixed breed rabbits.

This particular doe has had 3 litters in a row where all kits were "peanuts" and died within 3 days. You get peanuts when both parents contribute the dwarf gene. You get an actual dwarf when one parent contributes a normal gene and the other a dwarf gene.

Since the mini-lop is not a dwarf (just a small rabbit) there is no possibility the kits will be peanuts.

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