Nutrena Rabbit Feed

Should I feed my rabbits Nutrena rabbit feed? I have never tried it so I did some research online. Unfortunately I didn't find much, but I did find enough.

Online forums had little activity concerning this product. I did find a couple of places where customers complained about the mortality of kits (newborn rabbits). But none of the posters listed the breed of rabbits they were raising or how often the problem had occurred.

Nutrena Rabbit Feed

If they had bred dwarf rabbits, it would be normal to sometimes get a litter full of "peanuts" (double dwarf; a fatal genetic condition, usually resulting in death within 3 days).

The few that posted success stories used the Nutrena Professional series, an 18% protein formula. A level of protein this high is only recommended for growing kits and lactating does.

Even then it is not really necessary as you can simply increase the amount of 16% pellets you are feeding which works just fine for me with the brand I use.

Since getting peanuts is a genetic problem, it would not matter what feed was used. With so little information no conclusions can be drawn. We would need to know the breed, how large the rabbitry, what else was being fed, and the frequency in which the problem occurred, among other things.

Jan Hoadley did a better job of giving full information when she posted to Yahoo Voices. She has a larger rabbitry and raised bunnies that are NOT dwarfs. Infant mortality was high and survivors did not grow well, many not even making minimum weight for the breed.

She also found that does did not breed back well. After switching the same does to another brand of feed they performed well as you would expect of your rabbits. Kits were healthy and grew well.

Product labels are of little help since they only list the types of ingredients used but not the exact grains or condition of the ingredients. Are they using all natural ingredients or are fertilizers and insect sprays being used on crops? These artificial ingredients can kill baby rabbits.

So far things are not sizing up well for Nutrena rabbit feed. Time to visit their website.

Nutrena's website is just a brochure site. You remeber those brochures you found in the store. Maybe you picked one up and took it home, perhaps even glanced at it before tossing it into the trash. They only promote the company, no helpful information included.

On their website it appears the company is primarily focused on horses. If you look hard enough you will find 2 pages about rabbit feed.

There are a few (4) product reviews on the site. The most noteable included "I only gave Nutrena a 4* rating on product quality, as we had a bad batch of feed once, that killed all of our rabbits."

Another stated "Cannot recommend your product due to the amount of "shake" in recent bags. LOT:3mg2228 had at least one half of bag of fine powder which is inedible and ends up on the ground below my feeders. This is unfortunate because my stock seem to really like the edible portion!"

This seems to indicate an ongoing problem with quality control. The one reviewer seems to be OK with the fact that Nutrena feed killed all of her rabbits. She uses Nutrena for several different types of animals and seems happy with all other products to the point she finds "killing all her rabbits" acceptable! Would you find that acceptable?

Everyone online that has tried to communicate with the company has reported that they get no replies to their inquiries. It seems Nutrena's own website has the most damaging information available.

If you are a breeder looking to improve your breed, losing all of your stock is simply not acceptable under any circumstances. You will lose all the years you have invested in selective breeding to reach the level of quality achieved in your rabbitry. Those years cannot be replaced.

I will not be using Nutrena rabbit feed in my rabbitry, nor would I recommend you do either.

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