Outdoor Rabbit Hutch
Is Your Bunny Safe?

If you want to keep your bunny outdoors, you'll need an outdoor rabbit hutch. You can build one yourself, or purchase one from a pet store or feed store. There are a few things you need to make sure of when you are using an outdoor hutch.

The hutch should be up off the ground. Rabbits can easily pick up parasites like fleas, mites and worms on the ground. Keeping them above ground removes this danger to your rabbit. Your rabbit may still get fur mites once in a while even if they are housed above ground, but that is easier to treat than internal parasites.

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

An outdoor rabbit hutch should be built of sturdy materials. Outdoors, your rabbit may be vulnerable to predators. Rabbits are at the bottom of the food chain and many animals would love to have a rabbit dinner.

Dogs are the most frequent predator in most neighborhoods. Even your pet dog may not be able to be trusted around your rabbit. Always supervise when the two animals are anywhere near each other.

Cats, raccoons, opossums, weasels and lots of other wildlife may love to get at your rabbits. Even large rats can frighten a rabbit. This is why it is nice for your rabbit to have a secure area inside the hutch in which to hide. It makes them feel safer. Rabbits can easily be frightened to death or can break their back if they panic. Keeping them secure is a priority.

An outdoor rabbit hutch should also protect your rabbit from the weather. A cold, wet rabbit is one that will soon be unhealthy. Rabbits should be protected from wind and rain.

Having a few solid sides and a good, waterproof roof will help keep your rabbit safe from bad weather. A tarp can be added in the winter to offer further protection if needed.

Your rabbit also needs to be protected from the sun. Heat is more dangerous to rabbits than cold. A nice shady spot helps a lot. A large overhang on the roof also helps them stay out of the sun.

Bearing all this in mind, your rabbit hutch should also be easy to clean. Even if your hutch has a wire floor so droppings and urine can drop to the ground or to a tray, your rabbit will manage to get urine on the wood. He will get some droppings stuck in the corner. When he sheds the fur will stick to the wood and wire and form mats. All this needs to be kept clean so your rabbit has a healthy place in which to live.

Make sure to incorporate a good feeder and water bottle into your hutch. The rabbit pellets need to be kept dry or they turn to wet mush. Hay needs to have a place where the rabbit can easily pull it through the wire. This provides the rabbit with entertainment as well as keeping him from wasting more hay than necessary.

If the outdoor rabbit hutch you find or plan to build meets all of these criteria, you've found the perfect hutch. It will keep your rabbit safe from predators, the weather and give him a safe place to live.

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