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Pet Rabbit Breeds - Any domestic rabbit can be a pet rabbit. Whether it is large or small, furry or fluffy, all have the potential to be a good pet. There are some breeds that are more popular than others for pets. Small breeds like Mini Rex, Holland Lops and Lionheads are at the top of the list. They do make great pets, but many of the larger rabbits make excellent pets as well.

As with dog breeds, the larger the rabbit, the more laid back they seem to be. A couple of exceptions are the Checkered Giant, the English Spot, the Belgian Hare and the Tan. These rabbits are all very energetic, regardless of their size. If one of these breeds intrigues you, just learn all you can about them so you are prepared for their needs.

Photo of Gray and White Dutch Rabbit

Some of the most popular pet rabbit breeds include:

Rex and Mini Rex Rabbits

Both of these breeds feature shorter fur than the other breeds. This gives them a coat that feels like velvet. The hairs all stand upright and the colors are more intense. They make excellent pets, but they are prone to sore hocks due to less fur on their feet. They come in many different colors.


The Himalayan is an unusual rabbit. They are long and slender with silky fur. They all have a coat that is primarily white with colored points that may be black, chocolate, blue or lilac. They can develop shading on their white portions if they shed during colder weather. Their color is more intense during cold weather and faded when the fur grows in during hot weather. They top out at around 4 pounds and are usually very gentle. They make excellent pets and 4H rabbits for kids.

Netherland Dwarf

The Netherland Dwarf is the smallest rabbit breed, topping out around 2.5 pounds. They come in every color imaginable. They make excellent pets for older kids and adults. They can be a bit nippy at times with small children, just like small dogs can be at times. They are full of energy and very cute.

Holland Lops and American Fuzzy Lops

These two pet rabbit breeds are very similar in looks with the exception of their fur. The Fuzzy Lop has wool like an angora. They both come in lots of colors and are calm tempered. The Fuzzy Lop will require extra care due to its fine wool coat. The wool tangles into mats if not groomed regularly.

Flemish Giant Rabbit

As the largest rabbit breed, Flemish Giants can grow over 20 pounds. They make excellent pets who adapt well to living indoors or out. They are calm and easy to tame. They can be challenging for children due to their large size. They need cages that have sturdy floors to hold them properly.


The Palomino can be hard to find, but they make wonderful pets. They are a large rabbit, growing to 11 pounds. They come in two colors, a vibrant gold and lynx, which has a pinkish cast to it. They are calm pet rabbit breeds that adapt well to many situations.

You can see our page about the 47 breeds recognized by the ARBA at Rabbit Breeds

These books give much more information about the 47 breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, as well as provide you with information on their shapes, sizes, colors, fur varieties, and more.

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