Pet Rabbit Names
Good Names for Rabbits

Pet rabbit names can be tricky... you want to find good names for rabbits to suit your rabbit, yet one that you won't think is silly six months from now when your rabbit is fully grown. Of course, you can go for the obvious pet rabbit names like Peter, Marshmallow, Cottontail or Fluffy, but you can do better than that.

Literary Names

Turn to books to find a lot of great names. You can go for rabbit names from Richard Adams' classic, Watership Down. The rabbits in that book had names like Blackberry, Fiver and the regal El-Ahrairah. You could just turn to your favorite novel and choose a name like Percy or Gleep. You could choose a thing in a book to use as a name. Harry Potter novels have a lot of great words in them. You could name your rabbit Quidditch, Snitch or even Dementor. It's up to you.

Photo of Baby Rabbits in Cage

Plant Names

Since rabbits eat plants, it seems to be a normal way to name them. Herb names like Basil, Chervil, Parsley or Comfrey work well. Wild plants like Dandelion, Cowslip and Mugwort also make excellent names. Look through a plant book and you'll be amazed at how many plants work well when naming a rabbit.


Take a look at your pet's coloring. If he is spotted, you could name him Patch, Polkadot or Pebbles. A gold rabbit could be Nugget. Black rabbits are invariably named Midnight or some variation. Play around with the concept and see what you come up with. Of course white rabbits could be Marshmallow, Cotton, Snowball or any other way you could imply white.

Other Languages

Check out how to say "rabbit" in other languages. Perhaps you'd like to call your pet Usagi, which is Japanese for rabbit. Lapin is French and Tu Zi is Chinese. It could make for an interesting name for your pet.


Name your pet after their dominant attitude. Perhaps your rabbit likes to cuddle or likes to boss you around. Perhaps he makes binkies whenever he runs through the living room. Cuddles, Boss, Binky, Cheeky and other attitude names work great with rabbits.


Perhaps you would like to name your rabbit after what he likes to do. If he likes to run from room to room, Dash may make a good name. Bashful might fit if your bunny is shy.

Movie Characters

Name your pet after your favorite movie characters. Go ahead and name your rabbit Bella or Edward. R2D2 works, as does Hermione, Doug or Chiron. See what characters they remind you of most when you choose.


There are some great pet rabbit names to choose from when you look at mythology. Odin, Loki, Zeus, Athena... you can't go wrong with mythic names. You could even name them after some of the monsters in mythology like Sleipnir, Odin's eight-legged horse or Kraken, from Greek mythology.

Now you're on your own. Only you can choose the pet rabbit names you want. These ideas, good names for rabbits, should get you started. Take your time. Your pet is in no hurry.

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