Will My Pet Rabbit Die
from Cage Odor?

The fast answer to this question is no. Your pet rabbit will not die from cage odor. However, they can get uncomfortable. As urine breaks down, it turns to ammonia which can irritate their nasal passages and lungs. This can make your pet uncomfortable and in extreme cases, they can develop illnesses.

The easy answer to cage odor is a regular cleaning regimen. Using bedding in your dropping trays or in a solid bottomed cage can help prevent odors from building up between cleanings.

You may notice that sometimes a white sludge builds up in your rabbit's tray. This is from excess calcium in the diet. Spray the tray as clean as possible. Vinegar works well to remove any that persists in sticking. If it has dried between cleanings, you may need to let the vinegar sit in the pan long enough to soften it so it can be removed.

Sometimes you may notice red urine in your rabbit's pan. Most of the time this is nothing to worry about, but if you are concerned, contact your veterinarian. Most rabbits will have red urine from time to time depending on what they have eaten. Plant pigments are the most common cause of red urine. Spinach, carrots and other plants high in beta-carotene may produce it.

Keep your rabbit's cage clean and you will not only reduce any odor, you will be able to monitor your rabbit's health by keeping an eye on his urine and bowel movements. You can tell a lot by looking at your rabbit's droppings and urine. Your pet will appreciate his nice clean cage and attentive care that you give to him.

Donald Stuart answers your questions about Rabbit Cages and Hutches on his website at http://www.rabbit-cages-and-hutches.com/

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