Pet Rabbits

Taking care of pet rabbits is not terribly hard or complicated, but there are a few things you should know before bringing your new bunny home.
Taking Care of Pet Rabbits

Rabbits as pets are excellent for many families, though they are very different from having a dog or a cat. Rabbits can live indoors or out, but they should have a secure cage either way.

If you're considering getting a pet rabbit, there are plenty of choices for best pet rabbits out there. Before you buy the first thing that hops with long ears, consider what size of rabbit you want. All rabbits start out small, but not all of them stay that way. In fact, some can get quite large.
Best Pet Rabbits

People are raising rabbits for lots of reasons. Some people like to compete in shows, while others raise meat for their families. Rabbits are also raised for business, fun, fur and their droppings, which can be used as garden fertilizer or to produce fishing worms.
Raising Rabbits

Feeding pet rabbits properly will help keep them healthy. Rabbits are herbivores, which means they only eat plants. In the wild, rabbits will eat shoots, leaves, bark and roots of various plants they find. Domestic rabbits can't forage for themselves, so they depend upon people to feed them what they need.
Feeding Pet Rabbits

You determine your Pet Rabbit Diet, which is very important. You need to feed them every day, make sure the food is fresh and that your rabbit has no problems eating it.

Pet rabbit lifespan is an average of 6 to 8 years, although some live to 10 or even 15 years occasionally. Rabbits that are kept in controlled environments and have been spayed or neutered can live 8 to 12 years on average. There are a lot of things that factor into a rabbit's lifespan, like environment, genetics, care received, breeding and more.
Pet Rabbit Lifespan

4-H is a great program for kids aged 9 to 18. One of the many options a child can choose is the 4-H pet rabbits program. Kids learn how to care for a rabbit, health care, nutrition, physiology and housing. As they get older and progress in the program, they learn about breeding, management, genetics, rabbit behavior and record keeping. They learn confidence and poise as they present themselves and their rabbits to the public and to the judge.
4-H Pet Rabbits

You can train a pet rabbit to observe some basic good behavior inside, train them to show themselves off to their best advantage and more.
How to Train a Pet Rabbit

When house training rabbits, it is pretty easy to potty train. Since rabbits have been growing in popularity as house pets, pet supply companies started making a triangular shaped litter box that fits easily into rabbit cages without taking up too much floor space.
House Training Rabbits - Potty Training

Taking out pet insurance for rabbits is a personal decision. Most rabbits, when fed a healthy diet, live very healthy lives and rarely if ever need to go to the vet. However, if your rabbit gets an intestinal blockage or catches a respiratory infection, you may need some expensive treatment.
Pet Insurance for Rabbits - Do You Really Need It?

Pet Rabbit Breeds - Any domestic rabbit can be a pet rabbit. Whether it is large or small, furry or fluffy, all have the potential to be a good pet. There are some breeds that are more popular than others for pets. Small breeds like Mini Rex, Holland Lops and Lionheads are at the top of the list. They do make great pets, but many of the larger rabbits make excellent pets as well.
Pet Rabbit Breeds

Rabbits need cages when they live outdoors or indoors. Pet rabbit cages provide them with a safe place to hide, to rest, and to eat. There are many different cages on the market that you can choose from. You want to choose one that will give your rabbit room to move around.
Pet Rabbit Cages - Keep Your Pet Safe and Secure

Like any other pet, you'll be amazed at how much pet rabbit supply you will accumulate for your rabbit. Pet rabbits need a cage, food dishes, bedding, water bottles or crocks, toys and more. But where can you get all this stuff to keep your pet happy?
Pet Rabbit Supply

Many people are surprised when they find out how playful rabbits can be. In fact, they appreciate pet rabbit toys to play with so they don't get bored.
Pet Rabbit Toys

Rabbits as pets are excellent for many families, though they are very different from having a dog or a cat. Rabbits can live indoors or out, but they should have a secure cage either way.

There are many types of pet rabbits in the world. Knowing which one you want as a pet may be a bit difficult if you are not really familiar with rabbits. One of the best ways to see a lot of different types in one place is to visit a rabbit show.
Types of Pet Rabbits

Rabbits can make excellent house pets for some families. House rabbits do require some special considerations, but many of their natural qualities make them ideal for living indoors. Rabbits are quiet pets and most have very clean habits.
House Rabbits

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