Plans for Building Rabbit Cages

When you are looking for plans for building rabbit cages, look no further than the internet. You can find a myriad of free plans available from a simple single hutch to an entire building to house a commercial rabbitry. Depending on your needs, you will want to choose something that is simple enough for you to do but will look nice as well.

There is a nice simple plan that looks good at This hutch houses two rabbits and has attractive siding to protect the rabbits from the weather.

An easy to use door is located on each end as well as in front of each cage for easy access. The roof is covered with roofing paper and shingles to protect your rabbits from the rain. Printable copies are available with a click of your mouse.

If you want to raise a few rabbits and possibly show them, you may want to consider building a small shed. The plans for building rabbit cages located at offer an 8 x 8 shed that can house 6 to 12 rabbits, depending on whether you stack the cages or not.

The shed has a window, a single aisle down the center and plenty of ventilation to keep your rabbits safe and healthy. Cages can be mounted or hung from the roof joists, however you prefer.

If a shed is too much for you, try out the simple hutch set on cement blocks that can be found at This is a very simple hutch that can be put together in an afternoon. Be sure to access the article tools on this site so you can see the drawings for the hutch. If you look through their archives, they have a lot of information on raising rabbits as well.

If you prefer to keep your pet indoors, you can also build a hutch that will give your pet a nice place of their own. You can find a good description of a simple indoor hutch at This is a simple raised cage with a wooden frame. A big door is centered in the front so you can easily catch your rabbit or clean the cage. This cage has a solid floor that can be easily opened up for cleaning.

If you want a plain wire cage, you can find out how to make them at This simple plan will teach you how to build a rectangular cage or a Quonset type cage easily with heavy duty wire and some simple J clips or hog rings. These cages can be hung or mounted in a frame. They can also have a metal or plastic tray added below to catch the droppings.

Take a look and see what will fit the needs of your rabbits and yourself. Choose plans for building rabbit cages that you can handle and go from there. If you need questions answered, ask someone you know or an employee at your local home improvement store. They can advise you on things like fasteners, safety procedures for using power tools, and other things you may need to know.

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