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Before you choose a rabbit for a pet, there are a few things you should learn. Yes, rabbits are excellent pets, but you should be prepared for the commitment needed to properly care for your new furry pet. Rabbits are also not like dogs and cats. As a prey animal, rabbits are not inclined to want to be picked up. This is what usually happens to a prey animal before they become lunch.
Reasons to Have a Rabbit for a Pet

Now, on to fruits and vegetables. In the wild, rabbits will eat roots, bark, herbs, weeds and grass. What do these things have in common? They tend to be somewhat dry in texture, and they are tough enough to wear down the rabbit's teeth to keep them trimmed.
What Vegetables and Fruits can Rabbits Eat?

Will My Pet Rabbit Die from Cage Odor?
The fast answer to this question is no. Your pet rabbit will not die from cage odor. However, they can get uncomfortable. As urine breaks down, it turns to ammonia which can irritate their nasal passages and lungs. This can make your pet uncomfortable and in extreme cases, they can develop illnesses.
Will My Pet Rabbit Die from Cage Odor?

Rabbits are very susceptible to heat stroke. In fact, hot weather is far more dangerous to them than cold weather. They should be placed in a shady area so they are not in the direct sun during the warmest parts of the day. This simple precaution will do a lot to keep your bunny safe.
Can Rabbits Get Heat Stroke?

Running is a normal rabbit behavior that usually means they are having fun. This can take place outside of the cage or inside. Lots of rabbits like to get some exercise, and running around is the best way to get it, no matter where the rabbit is.
Why Does my Rabbit Run Back and Forth in her Cage?

Does it Upset a Rabbit to Move it from Hutch to Hutch Each Day
The simple answer to this question is... it depends on the rabbit. If your rabbit has been handled since birth, they will be more comfortable with daily handling. If your rabbit has not been handled, it will become fearful when you reach into his cage.
Does it Upset a Rabbit to Move it from Hutch to Hutch Each Day

Many people think rabbits are silent, but they actually make quite a few different noises. Rabbit noises can be quiet or loud, depending on the circumstances and what the rabbit is trying to communicate. Learning to interpret those noises will make you a more attentive rabbit owner.
Rabbit Noises and What They Mean

What is a Rabbit Cage Called?
A rabbit cage is necessary to keep rabbits safe, no matter whether you keep them inside your house or outside in the yard. You can find many types of cages available for your rabbit.
What is a Rabbit Cage Called?

Every so often your rabbit's cage does need to be sanitized. This helps keep the number of harmful bacteria to a minimum. Be sure to move your rabbit to a safe area while you are sanitizing his cage. He'll have to remain away from his cage for about 24 hours while his cage dries.
What Should I Use to Sanitize my Rabbit's Cage?

Any outdoor hutch should provide your rabbit with sufficient protection from the weather. Depending on your location, your primary concern may be sun, rain, wind or snow. While all of these must be taken into consideration, each location will have its own challenges.
Plans to Build a Rabbit Hutch with Protection from the Weather

An outdoor rabbit cage needs to protect your rabbit from all weather extremes. Your rabbit can handle cold better than heat, so make sure the cage offers enough protection from the summer sun. You can also help the situation in the summer by positioning the cage so it is in the shade during the hottest part of the day. Lots of open walls made of heavy wire mesh will allow good air flow.
How to Make an Outdoor Rabbit Cage

If you want to build your own rabbit cage, don't be afraid to give it a try. It really is not difficult at all. Wire rabbit cages are super simple to build. Be sure you get enough 14 gauge woven wire to build the number of cages you need.
How to Build Your Own Rabbit Cage

Free Plans for Rabbit Cages; It is exciting to get a new rabbit! Before you bring one home, however you need to provide a sturdy home that will keep your new pet safe from harm.
Free Plans for Rabbit Cages

Building an outdoor rabbit cage isn't too difficult. Before you begin you must decide what kind of cage you want. Do you want a traditional hutch made of wood and wire or are you more interested in a wire cage that can be mounted in a shed or other protected spot?
How to Build an Outdoor Rabbit Cage

Choosing where to put your rabbit cage is very important. If your rabbit is to live outdoors, the cage should be put somewhere that offers the rabbit shelter from wind and rain.
Where to Put Your Rabbit Cage

The answer to this question would depend on many things. How big is the rabbit cage? If it is a large rabbit cage, perhaps 30 x 36 inches in size, then it would probably be large enough to house two cavies with plenty of room. There is another issue that would need to be addressed before cavies could live in a rabbit cage, however.
Is a Rabbit Cage Good for Two Cavies?

If your rabbit hutches are located outdoors and you're being hit with the coldest winter you can remember you may be worried about your pets. Never fear... there is a lot you can do to keep them warm. If they are located outside without any other shelter than their hutch try some of these suggestions.
How to Winterize a Rabbit Hutch

Here are a few baby rabbit care tips for when your doe is pregnant. If you are expecting babies you need to know how to take care of your newborn bunnies.
Baby Rabbit Care Tips - How to Take Care of Your Newborn Rabbits

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