Rabbit Bedding Options

Rabbit bedding can give your rabbit something to chew on, burrow into, nest, and provide a soft spot to lay on. Read about these and other uses in these articles:

Can Rabbits Have Hay From Hay Bales for Bedding?
Hay Bales for Bedding? Rabbits love hay. They nibble on it. They burrow in it. They make nests from it. Hay can even be stuffed into empty toilet paper rolls or tied in knots to create toys. Hay is a wonderful thing for rabbits. Yes, it can be used for bedding.

If your rabbit cage has a floor that will support the use of rabbit cage bedding, there are many choices available.
Rabbit Cage Bedding

You may be wondering what kind of rabbit bedding to give your rabbits. Some rabbits don't need bedding at all... those that have wire cages and wire floors seldom need bedding.
Hay-Based Rabbit Bedding

One of the most popular beddings for rabbits is CareFresh Pet Bedding. You can find this bedding at most pet supply stores as well as online.
CareFresh Pet Bedding

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This is Bella she is 1.5 years old and I just got her. Gave her Carefresh bedding pellets and timothy hay. Fed her a little kale but read not to anymore …

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