Rabbit Cage Accessories

Rabbit cage accessories include toys, feeders, water bottles and anything else that you will put in the cage with your rabbit. Some items are necessary for your rabbit's well-being, while others are there for his entertainment.

There are two types of feeders you can choose for your rabbit. Crocks are bowls that are either heavy enough that your rabbit cannot tip the food over, or they attach to the side of the cage. You must put the food in these dishes by reaching inside the cage.

Bin or "J" feeders are shaped like the letter "J". They attach to the outside of the cage. A hole must be cut into the wire for the bottom to fit inside the cage. You can fill these bins up without reaching into the cage. Both types of dishes are meant for rabbit pellets.

Rabbits also enjoy eating hay. To avoid wasting hay, many rabbit owners provide a hay rack or other container that will hold the hay off the floor. Some are mounted on the outside of the cage. The rabbit will pull the strands of hay into the cage through the wire wall. Some are set inside the cage and filled with hay. The rabbit pulls out the hay with each bite, often triggering a spinning or other motion that makes eating hay not only nutritious, but fun for the rabbit.

Most rabbits have water bottles attached to their cages. This keeps the water clean and is easy to change. Some prefer to use crocks, but the rabbit can splash and defecate in the water, making it necessary for more frequent changes. Water bottles should be large enough to provide more than enough water for your rabbit to get through the day.

If your rabbit uses a litter pan, you will need one of the appropriate size as well as litter to put in it and a scoop to clean it out. Since most rabbits will choose one corner of their cage to use as their bathroom, if you are trying to train your rabbit to a litter pan, simply set it in the corner he already uses.

Toys are popular rabbit cage accessories. This covers a wide range of items, from chew toys to hanging wooden bird toys to tunnels made of woven hay. Make sure that any toys you put in the cage are rabbit safe. They should not be made of plastics that are soft enough for your rabbit to chew on.

Mats and shelters made of woven grass or hay are better choices than fabric as it is safer for your rabbit to chew and digest the hay or grass. Toys that are safe for rabbits to chew on help them keep their teeth trimmed properly so their digestion does not suffer.

Some rabbit owners also like to give their rabbits treats once in awhile. Stay away from treats that are dyed... food dye has no value to your rabbit. Fresh clover or herbs are always a good treat. You can bundle them up and hang them from the top of your rabbit's cage to make them fun.

In conclusion, there is a wide variety of rabbit cage accessories available for your bunny both online and offline. Going to pet stores, farm stores, and livestock auctions are popular resources for my family.

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