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If your rabbit cage has a floor that will support the use of rabbit cage bedding, there are many choices available. A wire floor cage won't hold the bedding well and you'll lose most of it into your tray underneath. It also makes a big mess when you go to clean the tray. If you want to put something in the tray to soak up urine, you can use any of the beddings that will be discussed in this article. A thin layer is really all you'll need in this case.

If you have a solid floor that needs rabbit cage bedding, you will need to keep some on hand at all times. Many people think that any wood shavings are the right bedding for rabbits. This is not correct. Cedar and some pine are not safe. These woods contain phenols, which can be highly irritating to the sensitive mucous membranes of your bunny. Phenols have also been shown to do liver damage in severe cases.

If you can find pine shavings that have been kiln dried, you are pretty safe. Kiln drying evaporates the phenols. Pine shavings that have been dried in this way will be labeled as such on their packaging. Aspen shavings or any that you can find from other hardwoods are also fine to use as bedding.

There are also other alternatives on the market. Corn cob litter is safe and can be found in most pet stores. It is a bit harder than shavings, but they are non toxic and easy to find. Watch for the growth of mold in corn cob litter, as this can create an unhealthy situation for your pet.

Carefresh Natural Premium Soft Pet Bedding

There are many types of rabbit cage bedding made of paper or other materials. Paper based beddings are very effective at eliminating the smell of ammonia from urine. Beddings like CareFresh, Yesterday's News and Bio-Flush are fairly popular. If you can't find them at your local shop, ask if they can be ordered. CareFresh is made from wood pulp fibers, while the others are made of recycled newspapers.

If your rabbit uses a litter pan, don't use the same thing in the litter pan as you do in the rest of the cage. This can be confusing to the rabbit. One way to make it different is to top the bedding on the cage floor with hay. This makes the pelleted bedding more comfortable for the rabbit and your pet has easy access to the hay for nibbling.

Other types of bedding you may find at your local pet store includes Eco-Bedding, which is made of craft paper strips, and Critter Country, which is made of wheat grass. Try a few different ones to see what works best for you and your pet.

You can also use plain hay as rabbit cage bedding. It is not as absorbent as the beddings listed above. You will need to change it frequently. It is a good idea to keep some hay for eating in a separate area like a hay rack so it doesn't all get soiled. Timothy hay is a good choice that is easily found at pet and feed stores. Straw is another option, but again it isn't as absorbent as wood shavings or pelleted beddings.

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