Rabbit Cage Supplies
The Essentials You Need
to Build Cages at Home

You will need rabbit cage supplies before building your rabbit cages.

If you have rabbits you may already realize that wire cages are much better for them than cages made from other materials. You can construct rabbit cages from wood, but they should still have some type of wire covering for the floor so that they can be cleaned easily. This keeps the odors under control, and it also makes clean-up a quick task.

Most simple rabbit cages can be built on any type of flat table or workbench. Here is a list of basic rabbit cage supplies that you will need if you plan to build rabbit cages at home.

  • Woven or galvanized wire for the sides and top. This should be 14 gauge wire -1 inch x 1 inch.
  • Use 1 inch by 1/2 inch woven or galvanized wire for the floor of your cage. This wire could be either 14 or 16 gauge.
  • You need small bolt cutters or wire cutters, needle nosed pliers, a measuring tape, hog rings that are the 3/8 inch size and hog ring pliers.
  • Some people will use J clips but the hog ring clips are a lot easier to work with and they are quite versatile.

A good size for a rabbit cage is one that measures 24"wide, 30"high and 30" long. Some people will build rabbit cages that are different sizes, but this is a good size cage for any rabbit. If you are raising dwarf rabbits you may want to use a slightly smaller cage size.

What many people do not realize is that rabbits do not need large, expansive cages for their homes and sleeping quarters. Rabbits in the wild are happy in their small, snug burrows, and domesticated rabbits have the same need to feel safe and protected in the cages that you build for them.

  • When you construct the cages you need to make sure that there are no protruding sharp edges of wire. Rabbits are notorious chewers and they will chew on the wiring of their cages at times. An unsecured piece of wire could damage their mouths.
  • The flooring wire in the rabbit cages needs to be a small enough size that it will prevent the rabbit from catching its feet in the openings. A woven mesh or galvanized wire that measures 1x1/2 inches is suitable for this task.
  • The door is cut into the wire and should measure 12-14 inches in both directions.
  • You can make your door from the same type of wire that you used to make the cage, but it needs a secure latch. You can buy these cage latches from a store that sells animal supplies.
  • Positioning the door about 2-3 inches from the bottom of the cage will make it easy to remove your rabbit at any time.

You need a few additional rabbit cage supplies when you are building rabbit cages. These are the basic rabbit accessories.

Some optional supplies for your rabbits cage include:

Many people like to give their rabbits a wooden box to sleep in, but this is not necessary unless there is a doe that will be giving birth shortly. In this case a nesting box is crucial.

So make sure you have your rabbit cage supplies before beginning your project.

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