Rabbit Cages

Rabbit cages are usually made of wire, sometimes with a sliding pan to catch droppings. Cages are usually portable and can be stackable, homemade or store bought. They can be designed for indoor or outdoor use.

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Rabbit transport cages make moving your pet a simple task. Whether taking your pet rabbit to an ARBA or County Fair show or going to the vets office, these cages are convenient and simplify the job of rabbit transport.

Don't forget to look on line for discount rabbit cages. You can often find cheap cages for prices that will fit your budget if you can wait for the cage to be shipped to you.
Discount Rabbit Cages

Rabbits make great pets, but they need a cage to keep them safe when you're not with them. If you've been looking at hutches and cages online, you may have found that many can be quite expensive. This is when you really need to find some cheap rabbit cages to choose from.
Cheap Rabbit Cages for Your Pet

Cube rabbit cages are an excellent way to make a home for your indoor rabbit. You can let your imagination run wild as you design a custom cage for your pet.
Cube Rabbit Cages

Rabbits make excellent indoor pets. They are small, friendly and are easy to litter box train. Indoor rabbits should also have a cage. Indoor rabbit cages allow your pet to have a place all their own that they can feel safe in. It also allows you to have a safe place for them when you can't supervise them.
Indoor Rabbit Cages

Setting up your indoor rabbit cage can help you prepare for the arrival of your new pet. You will want to set up their home so they are comfortable. There are a lot of things you can add to your pet's cage to keep him amused when you are busy elsewhere.
How to Set Up an Indoor Rabbit Cage

Pet rabbit cages come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and types. If your indoor pet has free run of an area you have thoroughly rabbit proofed, a cage provides your pet with a special spot they can rest or hide in when they feel stressed.
Pet Rabbit Cages

When you have a house rabbit, you have many choices to provide your pet with a safe cage. Rabbits need cages even if they get lots of time to run through the house. It provides a rabbit with a safe nest in which to reside when they are frightened, stressed or tired. It also allows you to secure your pet when you have guests or you cannot supervise your pet's activities.
House Rabbit Cages

While all rabbits will appreciate nice big rabbit cages, if you have a large breed rabbit this is even more important. If you own a Californian, a Rex, a Mini Lop, or other large breed, you need to make sure they have plenty of room to relax and play in their cage.
Big Rabbit Cages

When you want to provide your rabbit with as much room as possible with an extra large rabbit cage, you need to start looking at your options. Extra large can mean different things to different rabbits. Obviously some are mature at a very small size. Netherland Dwarfs, Dwarf Hotots, Holland Lops and several other breeds never get bigger than a few pounds.
Extra Large Rabbit Cage

Extra Large Rabbit Cages-If you enjoy those extra large breeds of rabbits, like Flemish Giants, Giant Chinchillas, French Lops, Checkered Giants, and such, you'll soon get used to the idea of larger cages. These breeds can easily reach 15 to 20 pounds. That is a lot of rabbit. When they stretch out, they need a lot of space.
Extra Large Rabbit Cages

If you are bringing home your very first pet rabbit, you'll want to find a cage that doesn't cost too much, offers your pet a lot of room and is easy to clean. You can get all of that with the My First Home Extra Large Rabbit Cage.
My First Home Extra Large Rabbit Cage

Every indoor rabbit should have an indoor rabbit cage. A cage gives your rabbit a safe place to be when he feels frightened, nervous or tired. A cage can house their food and water as well as a litter pan if you use one. It also provides a safe place for your rabbit to be when you are not at home.
Indoor Rabbit Cage for an Indoor Rabbit

If you don't have a lot of space, you may want to consider stackable rabbit cages. These are wire cages with trays beneath them to catch the droppings. Each cage could be used singly or they can be stacked using special braces that go on each corner. These cages need to be on a flat surface like concrete so the cages are stable. They are perfect for a rabbitry or for a few rabbits in a shed or garage.
Stackable Rabbit Cages

So how do you sanitize a rabbit cage? Besides regular changing of the bedding and cleaning of your rabbit's cage, you'll need to sanitize it a few times per year.
How to Sanitize a Rabbit Cage

Like all metal, after awhile the wire in your rabbit's cage may begin to rust. It usually begins in the corner your rabbit uses for his bathroom. If you keep his cage clean and brush off all evidence of urine residue, the wire will usually last quite a while before showing signs of rust.
How to Paint a Rusted Rabbit Cage

If you are thinking of setting up a commercial rabbitry or at least using their commercial rabbit cages, you'll want to learn all you can about using these highly efficient cages. There are a couple of different types of cages used in commercial rabbitries.
Commercial Rabbit Cages - What Types of Cages are Best

Commercial style rabbitry cages are made of 14 gauge galvanized wire. They are very simple all wire rabbit cages, with four sides, a floor and a ceiling. When you purchase standard commercial cages, they come in pieces that you need to assemble with the use of J clips or hog rings.
Commercial Style Rabbitry Cages

When you are looking for plans for building rabbit cages, look no further than the internet. You can find a myriad of free plans available from a simple single hutch to an entire building to house a commercial rabbitry. Depending on your needs, you will want to choose something that is simple enough for you to do but will look nice as well.
Plans for Building Rabbit Cages

When you decide to build your own rabbit cages, there are lots of places online that will provide free rabbit cage plans. They range from simple wire cages to full blown commercial rabbit barns. You can also find great plans for indoor cages as well as outdoor cages. Choose one that is suitable for your needs.
Rabbit Cage Plans - Free

Free rabbit cage plans offer many options for caging that will fit your needs and budget.
Free Rabbit Cage Plans

The best homemade rabbit cages are built of welded wire using free plans. Wire cages are more durable than wooden cages and are less expensive in the long run. Wire cages reduce the incidence of disease because they are easier to clean and disinfect.
Homemade Rabbit Cages Free Plans

Rabbit cage wire is most often found in rabbit supply companies. Sometimes you may be able to find it at feed stores or farm supply stores. When you are going to make your own rabbit cages, it is imperative that you have the right kind of wire to keep your pet safe.
Rabbit Cage Wire

Large indoor rabbit cages can be purchased or built onsite. Some pet stores offer large cages that give your rabbit plenty of room. These cages can range from simple constructs made of wire and plastic to cages that look like fine furniture made of cherry wood and wire.
Large Indoor Rabbit Cages

Building rabbit cages probably won't save a lot of money compared to buying wire cages, but you can create the cage to fit the needs of you and your rabbit.
Building Rabbit Cages

If you have been successful in building rabbit cages for your own rabbits, you may start thinking about building them for other people. This can turn into a money-making proposition if you get good at constructing cages that look good and keep the rabbits secure.
Building Rabbit Cages to Earn Money

Choosing where to put your rabbit cage is very important. If your rabbit is to live outdoors, the cage should be put somewhere that offers the rabbit shelter from wind and rain.
Where to Put Your Rabbit Cage

Just because you have a small rabbit is no reason to give him a small rabbit cage. In fact, with small rabbits you have a lot more options. These nimble little fellows can enjoy amenities that larger, clumsier rabbits can only dream about. Small rabbits do well indoors or out, so your options are wide open.
Small Rabbit Cage

No matter what size your rabbit is, he will appreciate a large cage. A large rabbit cage offers more room for your pet to play and relax in. They offer room for more toys. A large cage is like living in a large 4 bedroom home instead of a studio apartment. What would you rather have?
Large Rabbit Cage

It may be less expensive to build your own rabbit cage. Buying ready-made cages, especially if they are large or elaborate can be quite expensive.
Build Your Own Rabbit Cage and Save

If you want to build your own rabbit cage, don't be afraid to give it a try. It really is not difficult at all. Wire rabbit cages are super simple to build. Be sure you get enough 14 gauge woven wire to build the number of cages you need.
How to Build Your Own Rabbit Cage

Making your own homemade rabbit cages doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, it can be pretty easy. Wire is the most economical and sanitary material to make your rabbit cages from.
Homemade Rabbit Cages

If you want to build a rabbit cage, do your homework first to figure out what needs your rabbit will have. You want a cage large enough for your rabbit to be comfortable. You also need room for the rabbit feeder and a water bottle. Your rabbit may appreciate a private area where they can go when they are frightened or stressed.
Build a Rabbit Cage - How to Build Your Own

Rabbits do very well in an outdoor rabbit cage. Rabbits enjoy being outdoors and they handle cold weather much better than warm temperatures. If you are planning on getting a rabbit, an outdoor cage is a very good option.
Outdoor Rabbit Cage

Outdoor rabbit cages need to protect your rabbit from the weather. Make sure the cage offers enough space for your rabbit to stretch out and relax. As a general rule, adult rabbits should be housed by themselves unless you have a bonded pair.
Outdoor Rabbit Cages - A Simple Solution to Rabbit Housing

Outside rabbit cages can be quite suitable for your rabbit. Most rabbits do better in the fresh air. An outdoor cage will protect them from the weather, from predators and will provide them with plenty of fresh air. Many people enjoy their pet rabbits even though the rabbits live outside.
Outside Rabbit Cages

Rabbit cage accessories include toys, feeders, water bottles and anything else that you will put in the cage with your rabbit. Some items are necessary for your rabbit's well-being, while others are there for his entertainment.
Rabbit Cage Accessories

If your rabbit cage has a floor that will support the use of rabbit cage bedding, there are many choices available.
Rabbit Cage Bedding

A wooden rabbit cage can be made from scrap lumber or they can be quite elegant and beautiful. The rabbit really doesn't care as long as it keeps him safe, happy and healthy. Wood can help protect your rabbit from predators and from the weather.
Wooden Rabbit Cage Keeps Him Safe, Happy and Healthy

Thinking of building a rabbit cage? Rabbit cages generally come in two different types: wood or wire. Both kinds have their positive and negative points. Ultimately, it will depend on what fits your budget, the size of your rabbit, and where you will keep your pet.
Building a Rabbit Cage

How to build rabbit cages? Building rabbit cages isn't too difficult, but it does take practice. Whether you're building one cage or fifty, the steps are the same. First, determine how many cages you need to make and how large each cage needs to be. Buck cages can be smaller than cages where you will house does with litters or grow out cages for older youngsters.
How to Build Rabbit Cages

It isn't too difficult to build a rabbit cage. Building your own lets you design them specifically to your needs.
Build a Rabbit Cage - Get the Design You Want

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