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Rabbit care covers many different topics. I will try to give you the most sought after information in the following articles.

So you've decided you want to start breeding rabbits. Before you introduce the lucky couple, ask yourself why you want to breed them. If you are hoping to get some show quality kits from the litter or add to your own herd, great. If you raise rabbits to put meat in the freezer, fine.

Should I feed my rabbits Nutrena Rabbit Feed? I have never tried it so I did some research online. Unfortunately I didn't find much, but I did find enough.

There seems to be some confusion about how Rabbit Teeth should be aligned. I read in the official ARBA guide book, "Raising Better Rabbits & Cavies", that their upper teeth should overlap the bottom, yet when I inspect a rabbit, whether my own or others, those not having Malocclusion, the teeth meet evenly.

Rabbits as pets are excellent for many families, though they are very different from having a dog or a cat. Rabbits can live indoors or out, but they should have a secure cage either way.

It is important to learn how to raise rabbits in order to keep them healthy and safe. Rabbits are a great addition to the family, whether as pets or as a source of meat, manure or wool.
How to Raise Rabbits

Breeding them to sell to a pet store or to make a few dollars probably isn't the best reason. While pet stores may sell the rabbits for $30 or $40 dollars apiece, they certainly won't be paying you anything near that, and you'll be lucky if what you get pays for the food they ate.
Tips for Breeding Rabbits

Before you begin breeding rabbits, you should make sure you do one of the following: have good homes lined up for the resulting offspring, show your rabbits, or plan on raising rabbits for meat. Excess rabbits to feed can result in more money spent on feed and less time to spend with the rabbits and providing them with proper shelter and hygiene.

Many people get a pet rabbit on an impulse. Like any pet, it is best to learn rabbit care information and prepare for it before you bring it home. Taking the time to do a bit of research can save you hours of agonizing later.
Most Overlooked Essentials When it comes to Rabbit Care Information

Taking care of pet rabbits is not terribly hard or complicated, but there are a few things you should know before bringing your new bunny home.
Taking Care of Pet Rabbits

Before you say ewwww, remember that rabbit poop isn't as stinky or messy as the stuff your dog or cat produces. If you pay attention, it can tell you a lot about the health of your pet.
Rabbit Poop

Rabbits are herbivores with a very unique digestive system. This makes it very important to feed them the proper types of foods so they thrive. It doesn't take much to disrupt a rabbit's digestive system, so pay close attention to what you feed your pet.
What Do Rabbits Eat?

Feeding rabbits a healthy diet is the key to keeping your rabbits healthy. A healthy rabbit diet should include pellets, hay, water and some fresh greens. While these foods are excellent choices for your pet, you should still monitor the amount they eat. Too much of a good thing is still too much.
Feeding Rabbits - Keeping Your Rabbits Healthy

Feeding pet rabbits properly will help keep them healthy. Rabbits are herbivores, which means they only eat plants. In the wild, rabbits will eat shoots, leaves, bark and roots of various plants they find. Domestic rabbits can't forage for themselves, so they depend upon people to feed them what they need.
Feeding Pet Rabbits

Pet rabbits have the same nutritional needs as any other rabbit. Scientists at several universities have studied care and feeding of pet rabbits. Dr. T. E. Reed is one of the foremost specialists on rabbit nutrition, having co-authored the definitive book on rabbit care, Rabbit Production, with J. I. McNitt and S. D. Lukefahr.
Care and Feeding of Pet Rabbits

Pet rabbit lifespan is an average of 6 to 8 years, although some live to 10 or even 15 years occasionally. Rabbits that are kept in controlled environments and have been spayed or neutered can live 8 to 12 years on average. There are a lot of things that factor into a rabbit's lifespan, like environment, genetics, care received, breeding and more.
Pet Rabbit Lifespan

If you're thinking about investing in a rabbit for a pet, you probably have lots of questions. One of the first questions many people ask is how long do rabbits live. This lets the new pet owner know how long of a commitment they are making when they take in a new pet.
How Long do Rabbits Live?

Many people are surprised when they find out how playful rabbits can be. In fact, they appreciate pet rabbit toys to play with so they don't get bored.
Pet Rabbit Toys

A rabbit toy will ensure that your rabbit does not get bored when left in their hutch. Although people often feel that rabbits are not an animal that enjoy toys, you will be surprised. Rabbits are very intelligent active pets that need plenty to do and love having items to play with and enjoy.
Choosing the Ideal Rabbit Toy to Keep Your Rabbit Happy

Rabbits are very susceptible to heat stroke. In fact, hot weather is far more dangerous to them than cold weather. They should be placed in a shady area so they are not in the direct sun during the warmest parts of the day. This simple precaution will do a lot to keep your bunny safe.
Can Rabbits Get Heat Stroke?

Every so often your rabbit's cage does need to be sanitized. This helps keep the number of harmful bacteria to a minimum. Be sure to move your rabbit to a safe area while you are sanitizing his cage. He'll have to remain away from his cage for about 24 hours while his cage dries.
What Should I Use to Sanitize my Rabbit's Cage?

Raising baby rabbits is a lot of fun. They do need special care, however, in order to thrive. You don't have much time to prepare for the birth. Rabbits give birth between 28 and 32 days after being bred. It is best to be prepared ahead of time.

Here are a few baby rabbit care tips for when your doe is pregnant. If you are expecting babies you need to know how to take care of your newborn bunnies.
Baby Rabbit Care Tips - How to Take Care of Your Newborn Rabbits

Taking out pet insurance for rabbits is a personal decision. Most rabbits, when fed a healthy diet, live very healthy lives and rarely if ever need to go to the vet. However, if your rabbit gets an intestinal blockage or catches a respiratory infection, you may need some expensive treatment.
Pet Insurance for Rabbits - Do You Really Need It?

Dwarf rabbit care for the dwarf breeds is similar in many ways to caring for a larger rabbit breed. There are a few things you need to remember with dwarf rabbits, however.
Dwarf Rabbit Care

Care of Netherland Dwarf Rabbits. They make fantastic pets, but you need to learn how to care for them properly to keep them healthy and happy. You can get one from a show breeder; they often have pet quality rabbits available for reasonable prices.
Care of Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

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