Reasons to Have a Rabbit for a Pet

Before you choose a rabbit for a pet, there are a few things you should learn. Yes, rabbits are excellent pets, but you should be prepared for the commitment needed to properly care for your new furry pet. Rabbits are also not like dogs and cats. As a prey animal, rabbits are not inclined to want to be picked up. This is what usually happens to a prey animal before they become lunch.

You need to keep a watchful eye on a bunny. They are good at hiding it when they don't feel well until the problem is so advanced that it may be serious. When your rabbit is out, they may want to indulge in rabbity behavior like digging at the carpet or chewing on cords or furniture. Only your diligence will stop them.

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All that being said, if those long ears and big eyes still charm you, then maybe a rabbit is right for you. Rabbits are independent. They like to entertain themselves most of the time, and will be happy to entertain you at the same time if they are so inclined. They will adore it if you find their antics amusing.

Rabbits are easier to take care of. They don't require any vaccinations (in the United States), they don't require licenses and they are happy indoors or out.

Rabbits adapt well to confinement. Whether you keep them in a cage or a pen when you're not with them, they can find ways to amuse themselves.

Cleaning up after a rabbit is a lot easier than a dog or cat. Bunny beans can simply be vacuumed if they fall on the carpet.

Rabbits don't vomit, so you don't need to worry about coming home to a pet that has spent the day depositing his meal all over the house.

One thing you're sure to enjoy is the silence of the rabbit. No barking or yowling takes place by your pet. Occasionally they make a few noises, but generally they are not loud and noises are few and far between.

Once the rabbit gets used to you, they can get very affectionate. Don't force them; let them show you in their own time. Licks and sniffs will tell you your bunny adores you.

Even a rabbit's waste is useful. When it is cage cleaning time, it can go right in the garden or compost heap. Rabbit droppings are safe to put around plants from the moment the rabbit leaves them. Not only will your bunny help you raise your vegetables, they'll eat the scraps, too.

Rabbits can learn to get along with dogs and cats with patience and care. Don't leave your pets together unsupervised or you may end up with a dead bunny. Careful training can help them learn to get along.

Now that you know all the benefits of owning a rabbit, why don't you have one yet? That floppy eared darling is just waiting to come home and give you joy with his antics.

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