Rabbit Hutch Building Plans

You can find many free rabbit hutch building plans online for a variety of rabbit hutches. Rabbit hutch plans can also be found in books about raising rabbits and other small livestock.

There are many types of rabbit hutch building plans that you can build for your rabbit. Depending on what kind of home you want to provide your bunny you have many options. Hutches can house a single rabbit or they can be quite large with individual cages for several rabbits.

If you only have one or two rabbits, you can be flexible about the kind of cage you want to build. Some people opt for an A frame that sits on the ground. If you opt for this type of hutch, place it in a spot where the run will not get muddy and wet. The run should be covered with heavy duty 14 gauge wire on all three sides including the floor. Not only will rabbits dig out, predators can dig in without the wire securely in place.

You could decide to make a traditional hutch that is raised off the ground on legs. These hutches may have one, two or three sides of the cage covered in wood to protect the rabbit from wind and rain. The roof should be slanted and provide adequate protection from sun, rain and snow. Traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles will keep your rabbit nice and dry.

If you have several rabbits, you may want to choose a shed or open covering like a portable carport. Wire cages can be hung from the roof or set up on wooden supports. Depending on the size of cages you are using, a carport can provide adequate shelter for 12 or more rabbits. Carports offer great protection from the sun and rain for your rabbits.

In the winter, tarps or plastic can be used to add more protection on the open sides. The tarps can be secured at the bottom with bales of straw or other weights. They should be securely attached to the tops of each side of the carport to keep your rabbits from getting wet or in the direct wind.

Any of these rabbit hutch building plans will house your rabbits quite well. The size of your hutch will depend on the size of your rabbit. The rule of thumb is one square foot per pound of adult rabbit.

Your rabbit should have room to move around, stretch out on their side and sit up. It should be easy for you to access your rabbit without feeling like you are climbing into the cage with him. Cleaning should be easy so you can prevent any build up of feces and urine to keep your rabbit happy and healthy.

Any hutch design should protect your rabbit from predators. Dogs, raccoons, opossums, skunks, foxes and more predatory animals can pose a danger to the life and well-being of your rabbit. Rabbit hutch building plans should provide adequate protection so that your rabbit will be able to enjoy a happy life with you and your family.

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