Easy Rabbit Hutch Building

If you are thinking of getting one rabbit or even a few, you'll need a rabbit hutch. Building some sort of hutch to house them safely can be an interesting project.

You can purchase them already made from pet supply stores or feed stores, but many people prefer to build their own. Taking responsibility for building a safe and secure home for your rabbits will make you feel great and it helps with the anticipation that builds as you wait to get your new animals.

If you decide to build your own rabbit hutch, there are a few ways to go about it. You can find a plan online or in a book. You can purchase plans. You can make up your own. I don't recommend making up your own unless you have previous experience building a secure hutch or other structure. The easiest way is to get a free plan.

The plan you choose should give you a list of materials you will require for your rabbit hutch building. It should include wood, heavy duty wire, screws, roofing materials and tools. Screws hold up better over time than nails, so even if your plan uses nails, you may be better off using wood screws. Gather together all your materials in one place.

If you need to cut any of your wood pieces (and you will), be sure and measure them carefully. Remember the old adage, "measure twice, cut once." This means it is easier to check and double check your measurements before cutting than to cut one of your pieces the wrong size and have to rush to the store to replace it. Place all your cut pieces together so you know which pieces are good and which are scrap.

Screw the frame of your hutch together. You may need help with this if you cannot hold the frame steady while you are working. Use a heavy duty staple gun to attach the wire. Apply your staples liberally so you don't have any gaps that predators could use to enter the hutch. Attach any wood sides you will be using after you finish the wire.

The roof should be angled so rain and snow end up on the ground and not on your roofing. Line the wood of the roof with some tar paper or roofing felt before applying shingles or corrugated fiberglass. Follow the instructions for applying these materials so they are as effective as possible.

Attach the door to your hutch. You may have cut one from wire earlier, or perhaps you have framed one to use with wire. Some people prefer solid doors. Wire doors can be attached with J clips or hog rings. Wood framed or solid doors will need standard hinges. Attach the latch that will secure the door.

When your rabbit hutch building is finished, it will be time to determine where to put the feeder. This is not important if you are using a crock or other form of feeder that remains completely inside the cage. If you are using a J feeder, you will need to cut a spot in the wire for the lower portion of the feeder to go through when it is attached to the outside of the cage.

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