Rabbit Hutch Plans Free

If you're looking for rabbit hutch plans free, you can buy books about it if you want. There are a few on the market. If you would rather spend your money on the materials than the plans, you can find many free plans on the Internet. A simple search for "free rabbit hutch plans" will turn up several options to choose from.

Whether you want a simple A frame rabbit hutch on the ground with a grazing area or a full-blown barn with hanging cages, you can find the plans online. Good sources of plans are pet sites and state extension services. Woodworking sites are a great resource. You can also run across some great free ideas from rabbit owners who were making homes for their pets.

Free plans exist for both indoor and outdoor hutches. The important thing is that the plans fit your budget, your space and give your rabbit the home he or she needs.

Outdoor plans will usually be for free-standing hutches or small barns or sheds. Look for plans that provide a good roof to protect your pet from the weather and keep your pet off the ground. A play yard is fun, but your rabbit needs to be able to get away from the wetness during damp weather. In the wild, rabbits would burrow in the ground to stay dry. They can't do that in a hutch, so it is important for them to be able to get up where it is dry.

Play yards need to have wire on the ground as well as the walls so your rabbit doesn't dig out and escape. It also keeps potential predators out.

You can find rabbit hutch plans free, for outdoor hutches that are in a single level or in a double level. Depending on how many rabbits you have, this may affect your choice. Double deckers take up less space overall while still giving your pet the room it needs. One row of cages simply goes on top of another. The plans should provide for a tray or some other way to catch droppings from above so they don't pile up on top of the cage on the bottom.

Indoor hutches should provide adequate room for your rabbit to move about and stretch. They should provide your rabbit with a bit of privacy where they can hide if they feel stressed. An indoor hutch provides a nice safe place that your rabbit can feel belongs to them.

Both kinds of hutches should be easy to clean. No matter how clean your particular rabbit is, at some point the cage will need to be cleaned thoroughly to remove excess fur, sprayed urine and the occasional dropped bunny bean.

Once you've found the hutch of your dreams, print out the plan and purchase your materials. Any extra advice you may need can be provided by the people at the project desk at your local home improvement store.

Make sure you choose rabbit hutch plans free, that allows you full access to all parts of the cage. This will not only make cleaning easier, it will make catching your pet easier when it is time to trim their nails or give them a cuddle.

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