Rabbit Hutch Plans

If you decide to build your own hutch, you should look up some rabbit hutch plans first. A plan will provide you with a list of materials you need, how large each piece needs to be and how to put the pieces together. A hutch doesn't need to be fancy. All it really needs to do is provide your rabbit a safe place to live.

A rabbit hutch is a place that will keep your rabbit secure outdoors. If you are going to keep your rabbit indoors, a simple cage with a tray underneath will be sufficient. Outdoor rabbit hutches can be purchased or you can build one yourself. Premade hutches can be found at pet stores and feed stores. They can be fairly reasonable in price or very expensive, depending on the design.

Once you have selected your rabbit hutch plans, gather the materials together. If your plan mentions chicken wire, you need to alter it to use a nice heavy duty 14 gauge galvanized wire. On open sides you can use 1 by 2 inch wire and on the floor you should use 1 by ½ inch wire.

Chicken wire and hardware cloth are not strong enough to protect your rabbit. They are also not suitable for supporting the weight of the rabbit adequately. If you value your rabbits, you will get the 14 gauge wire.

Once you have your frame built, you'll want to put a roof on it. The roof should have an overhang large enough to keep rain away from your rabbit's feeder. Cover the roof with a waterproof material like shingles or corrugated roofing. You want to keep your rabbit nice and dry. The frame should hold the cage well above the ground within easy reach for cleaning and caring for your pet.

Now you'll need to put the cage together. If you are going to use a wire cage, it can be fastened to the framework. If you are building the cage from scratch, you can put the wire pieces together with J clips or hog rings and then attach it to the frame. If some of your walls will be wood, they should be screwed onto the frame. The wire walls can then be attached to the rest of the hutch. Heavy duty staples are usually sufficient for attaching wire to wood.

If you need to make a door for your hutch be sure to cut it large enough so it is easy for you to reach into the cage and get your rabbit. You'll want to be able to reach all the corners of the cage easily for cleaning as well as catching your pet. You can use J clips or hog rings to attach a wire door to a wire wall for the hinges. You will need a sturdy clasp to secure the door. If you are attaching a wood framed door, you will need standard hinges and a latch to secure it.

Rabbit hutch plans should provide your rabbit with protection from predators as well as the weather. Set up your hutch in a protected spot so your rabbit is not exposed to wind or the hot sun. Rabbits are a lot of fun to take care of. Enjoy caring for your new pet.

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