Rabbit Manure

Do you garden? Then you should learn about the wonders of rabbit manure. What's so great about rabbit droppings? Let us count the ways!

Cold Manure

Organic Vegetable Garden Fertilized with Rabbit Manure Unlike chicken, steer or horse manure, rabbit manure is a cold manure. This means that you don't have to leave it sitting in a compost heap for several months while it decomposes before you can utilize it on your garden.

It can go directly from the rabbit to the garden. It slowly disintegrates, releasing the nutrients back into the soil for your plants to use.

Nature's Time Release Formula

All those little bunny beans break down a little bit at a time, like a time release capsule. Instead of your plants being flooded with nutrients and then getting nothing, bunny beans release their goodness a little at a time. In the meantime, the remaining bean helps build the structure of your soil by adding stability, porosity and attracting beneficial organisms to the area.

High in Nitrogen

Rabbit manure is higher in nitrogen than sheep, goat, pig, chicken, cow or horse manure. Plants need nitrogen to produce lush, green growth. This is perfect for all those salad greens you want to grow, or the early phases when growing tomatoes, corn and other vegetables.


Of course you can just scoop the manure from under the rabbit hutch and dump it in your garden. This is the easiest way to do it, but it is not the only way.

You can also compost rabbit droppings just like any other manure. Some people would rather play it safe and let everything compost first. While there is no known cases where pathogens were introduced to the garden, if you want to play it safe, go ahead. It will really get your compost heap going with all its nitrogen. Nitrogen can really add a lot to your compost heap, and you could say that rabbit manure is worth its weight in nitrogen if this is your chosen route to use it.

You can make compost tea from rabbit droppings. Place a shovel full in a bucket and add water. Just let it steep for a couple days, taking time to stir it with a stick every so often. Pour the tea on your plants instead of watering. This is like Popeye eating a can of spinach for your plants.

Where to Get It

If you don't have your own rabbits, look in your local classifieds or at local feed stores for notices of people selling or giving away excess rabbit manure. People who raise a lot of rabbits often have more than they can use.

If there are no notices, try asking the people who work there. They may know rabbit raisers to recommend. You can also ask at your county fair at the rabbit exhibit. There may be people there who are more than happy to either give it away or sell it to you on the cheap.

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