Rabbits Eating Feces

by thomas

I have a few of these rabbits in my yard. My husband watched them eating their feces and figured that they were starving and ran to the grocery for some carrots.

Which we are putting out daily now and we love to watch them come and eat.

Do they eat their feces for a reason or is it just because they are hungry?

Also, we seem to have a high number of black racer snakes all of a sudden. I feel they are eating the babies.

We have two nests and one litter was 4 and the other was 3 when we noticed them, but now there is only one and one.

Is there anything we can do to keep the snakes away from their nests?

Eating their feces is normal behavior for rabbits. I recommend you read What Do Wild Rabbits Eat?.

They don't need free access to carrots as they normally eat only greens, shrubs, weeds and flowering plants. Too many carrots are not good for them; just use a small portion as an occasional treat.

I don't know of any way to keep the snakes away.

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