How to Set Up
an Indoor Rabbit Cage

To set up an indoor rabbit cage can help you prepare for the arrival of your new pet. You will want to set up their home so they are comfortable. There are a lot of things you can add to your pet's cage to keep him amused when you are busy elsewhere.

Rabbits are inquisitive and curious. They like to play and chew on things. Give your rabbit lots of items to keep him amused while he is in his cage. It doesn't have to cost a lot to keep your pet amused. Paper bags and cardboard boxes will keep your rabbit happy.

They like to crawl inside these items and hide. They also enjoy chewing and scratching at them. Got an old phone book? Put some pages in your rabbit's cage that he can shred. Old newspapers work, too. They have a great time tearing these up. It will keep them busy for hours.

Toys designed for large birds are often a good choice. You can hang those long wooden parrot toys from the ceiling of the cage. The dangling toy will give your rabbit a lot of enjoyment as he bats it around and tries to chew on it. Other toys that work well for rabbits include hard plastic baby toys. They like those rings of plastic car keys that they sell for babies. They can toss them about.

Some people have found that their rabbits enjoy playing with Easter eggs. They take the plastic eggs you can buy around Easter time and add a little bit of uncooked rice inside. They then glue the two halves of the egg together. Your rabbit will have a ball rolling it around and rattling the egg.

Some rabbits like to have a hand towel in the cage. They will pick it up, scoot it around and bunch it up. Some like to lie on them as well. Towels can also be dug at by your rabbit. If the cage is large enough, you can give your rabbit a more substantial digging solution.

You can make a dig box out of a plastic bin. Fill it up with items that your rabbit can shred. You may want to hide a few treats in there once in awhile to surprise your bunny.

Another great way to keep your rabbit entertained is to make a treat tube. Use an empty toilet paper roll and stuff it full of hay. Your rabbit will have fun trying to pull the hay out. Another way to make a treat tube is to add treats into the tube and fold the ends in. Poke some holes along the tube so your rabbit can smell his treat. He'll have a great time tearing the tube apart to get to the treat.

Aside from the fun stuff, you also need to set up a hiding area where your bunny will feel safe. Set up his food and water so it is easy for him to reach without being able to soil it. Choose a bedding that is absorbent and clean smelling. When you are done, your rabbit will think his indoor rabbit cage is the best place to be.

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