Small Rabbit Cage

Just because you have a small rabbit is no reason to give him a small rabbit cage. In fact, with small rabbits you have a lot more options. These nimble little fellows can enjoy amenities that larger, clumsier rabbits can only dream about. Small rabbits do well indoors or out, so your options are wide open.

If you want your pet to live indoors, you can start with a small rabbit cage designed for a larger rabbit. Make sure there is plenty of space for your rabbit even after you've added toys, feed dishes and a litter pan. On days when you are too busy to let your bunny play outside their cage for a long period of time they still need enough room to do more than sleep.

If you are short on floor space, you can get your small rabbit a multi-level cage. Cages like this have two or three levels that the rabbit can access by using ramps. Cages like this allow the rabbit to enjoy running up and down as well as having lots of room on any levels not occupied with litter pans and dishes.

Larger rabbits have a harder time with these kinds of cages. They are more apt to slipping off the ramp and injuring themselves.

Another option is caging in a large portion of a room if you have the space. Cages can be built in many configurations using the pieces from storage cubes. These cages may be a bit more challenging to clean, but your rabbit will have a blast with so much room to play.

If your small rabbit will be living outdoors, think about using a standard hutch. These cages are designed for larger rabbits, so a small rabbit ends up with lots of space for exercise.

Readymade hutches can cost $100 or more, but they are durable and last for many years. You can find these cages in many designs, including some that offer a ramp and a fenced play yard for your pet. If you choose one of these, be sure to lay down wire on the ground so your bunny isn't tempted to dig out and predators aren't tempted to dig in.

A cover over the run will also protect your pet from predators coming from above as well as offering welcome shade on a sunny day.

Of course, you can also build an outdoor small rabbit cage for your bunny yourself. If you haven't built anything with lumber before, you may want to ask advice from your local home improvement store or perhaps you know someone with experience who can help you while you learn.

Making a hutch really isn't hard. You will be able to make it as large as you want, but keep in mind that you will need to easily reach all the corners for cleaning. And making a hutch too large can make capturing your pet rather difficult if he isn't in the mood to come to you.

Be sure the roof is solid and weather proof. Wire sides should be made of durable, 14 gauge wire mesh to protect your pet. Chicken wire and hardware cloth just can't stand up to a determined predator. Wood screws are a better way to fasten the framework together than nails since they grab into the wood of your small rabbit cage.

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