Speedy bunny!

My rabbit Cuddles is a female and a youngin (6-7 months) and a big bunny (looks full grown).

For some reason, she gets these jolts of energy or something where she'll be relaxing, and then all of a sudden she will jolt at full speed, whether its indoors or outdoors, shes a speedy little bunny. And Im wondering why she does this, whether if it's fleas or just a burst of excitement and its a way of showing that shes happy.

If anyone else has a rabbit that does the same thing or can explain why. please do!

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Nov 05, 2010
Having Fun
by: Donald

For the answer to your question go to Why Does My Rabbit Run Back and Forth in Her Cage?

Nov 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

its a suity dwarf lop and it is a LIVE female rabbit you moron

Oct 28, 2010
What kind of rabbit?
by: Admin

My old eyes have a bit of trouble with the photo.

Is this a stuffed toy rabbit that speeds across the room when you toss it?

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