Stackable Rabbit Cages

If you don't have a lot of space, you may want to consider stackable rabbit cages. These are wire cages with trays beneath them to catch the droppings. Each cage could be used singly or they can be stacked using special braces that go on each corner. These cages need to be on a flat surface like concrete so the cages are stable. They are perfect for a rabbitry or for a few rabbits in a shed or garage.

You can get stackable cages in many sizes to accommodate almost any breed of rabbit. If you are unsure of what size to order, you can always ask any of the rabbit equipment companies that sell them. The cages will arrive flat and you will have to assemble them. Assembling cages is easy, but be prepared for it to take a few hours or more, depending on how many cages you are putting together.

Stackable rabbit cages are made of heavy duty 14 gauge galvanized wire mesh. You can order them with babysaver wire if you plan on breeding your rabbits. You can also order urine guards to go along the bottom sides of the cages. This helps your rabbit keep their urine directed down toward the tray below instead of spraying the walls. The doors will be pre-cut and are large enough to accommodate nest boxes. You will have to cut holes for J feeders if you plan to use them.

For assembly, you'll need a pair of J clip pliers. These are special pliers used to put on J clips to put the cage together. You'll want to put some filler in the trays to absorb the urine. Pet bedding or kiln-dried pine works well. The bedding will help keep odors to a minimum for you and your pet.

There are a number of places you can order stackable rabbit cages. Bass, Woody's Wabbits and Quality Cage Manufacturing are just a few places you can order this type of cage from. If you need a special size, you can order the materials and build your own. The only thing that is hard to build yourself is the trays. It isn't impossible, but it will take some ingenuity and knowledge.

Stackable cages are a great way to maximize your available space and still have enough cages to raise your show bunnies or raise a few fryers for the family. Stackable cages are also very good for rescues that take in a lot of rabbits. Stacking cages allows you to keep several rabbits in a very small space while allowing them a roomy cage. Toys can easily be hung from the cage ceilings to entertain your rabbits. You can also put resting boards in for your rabbits to sit on.

Even house rabbits can benefit from stackable rabbit cages. Set up one stack of three cages in a room with a vinyl floor to keep your bunnies in. You'll need to lift your rabbits in and out of the cages, but you'll still be able to let them run about when you can supervise them.

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