Striped Rabbits

by Cheryl
(Moorhead MN USA)

I was out walking around my neighborhood in Moorhead MN when I spotted a rabbit with striped fur on the lower half of the body.

The stripes were a mixture of dark colors, but very distinctive. The rabbit had very dark coloring on the head, but I'm not sure if it was the entire head and ears.

This caught my attention because it was a very unusual looking rabbit and after looking around on the internet, I'm not finding anything to compare it to.

I was walking very close to the rabbit so I know I'm not mistaken about the striped coloring. I've seen this type of coloring in many dogs and cats, but never in the rabbits in our area.

Wish I had gotten a picture, but I didn't have a camera with me...

I don't know of any striped rabbits in the USA. I wish you had been able to get a photo. If you get a chance to take pictures we would appreciate a look at them. It would be great if you could be the first to show evidence of a stripped rabbit in the USA. I'm sure you would get National coverage.

Unless someone knows of a stripped rabbit species in North America?

The only striped rabbits I am aware of are the Annamite and Sumatran rabbits, both from the Annamites area of Southeast Asia.

They even look like someone is making a joke; even though they are listed by a lot of websites I have to wonder if this is not a hoax.

Edited to add: It looks like the pictures I saw previously were indeed a hoax as the photo which now appears is more plausible. The photo which was there looked like a patchwork quilt. But I still have many doubts.

Another Edit: Now the photo shown is plausible. Why does it keep changing?

In addition, one of our domestic rabbits you will find at ARBA rabbit shows is the Harlequin. It is banded like a Zebra, just not as many bands. The colors are black, blue, chocolate and lilac. Whichever color it is alternates with either orange or white. It is a favorite in France, where it originated.

But these don't fit the description you gave. You will find pictures at and a map of their territory at

Cheryl has seen another rabbit and got a picture this time. she made a separate post about it at Is this rabbit wearing stripes?

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