Tapeti - The Forest Rabbit

The Tapeti is also known as the forest rabbit. They are found in Argentina, Bolivia, Belize, Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Peru, Panama and Venezuela.

At maturity, they weigh between 1.5 and 2.2 pounds. They have very short ears and legs and a dark body and tail. They breed all year round and are not considered endangered.

These rabbits are most active during the day. They have been known to swim at times.

The female prepares a nest by digging about 5 inches into the dirt, lining the depression with fur. Like most rabbits, the female feeds the young only once a day. She will sit on top of the nest, allowing the babies to feed.

They avoid predators usually by sitting absolutely still. Their main predators include coyotes, foxes, eagles, condors and falcons. They have been known to use their nails to protect their young.

They spend their time grazing on weeds and grass. During times of food scarcity, they have been known to eat tree bark and twigs off shrubs. The babies are weaned by 18 days of age, and are capable of reproducing by the time they are 3 months old.

The Tapeti is not endangered.

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