Ware Rabbit Hutches

Ware rabbit hutches are beautifully made. They look lovely in any setting. Made in the Craftsman style, they come in many sizes and designs. Simple to put together, they offer a safe, convenient alternative to building your own hutch.

Each Ware hutch, except the A-frame, offers an asphalted shingle roof to keep out the wet. The wood is stained to waterproof it, giving this hutch a long life. While it may seem expensive when you price these beautiful hutches, they last for many years, so your investment pays off in a beautiful, secure home for your rabbit.

The attractive appearance of Ware rabbit hutches fit in any landscape. Made of solid fir lumber that is designed in a well made tongue and groove style, these hutches offer a natural look. Heavy wire panels give your rabbit plenty of fresh air. Additional play yards can be purchased to attach to your hutch that give your rabbit more room to explore on the lawn.

Some models feature front doors that double as a ramp so your rabbit can go in and out of their hutch as they wish. Other models feature an enclosed den area so your rabbit has some private space with a solid wood floor. The play yard is made of wood and heavy wire mesh panels. A convenient door is built in so you can enter the pen when needed.

Ware rabbit hutches come with a plastic litter tray that slides out for easy cleaning. The roof also lifts up so you can easily reach in from the top for cleaning and sanitizing. It is attached with hinges so you don't need to worry about the roof sliding off.

Each hutch comes partially assembled in a box. Simple instructions help you to assemble the hutch in minutes. The run can attach to the front of some models to give your rabbit that extra space to play and explore.

If you live in an area with cold or wet winters, you may want to consider their convenient hutch covers as well. These covers, made of canvas and plastic, helps to eliminate drafts and dampness that may otherwise seep into the cage. The door cover rolls up for easy access. The top opening also makes access easy in the worst weather. Your rabbit will remain comfy and cozy no matter how cold it gets.

Ware rabbit hutches are easy to keep clean. All accessories and wire should be washed regularly with warm water and a mild soap solution. Rinse each area thoroughly and allow it to dry.

Frequent cleaning will help prevent feces build up that may affect the hutch. Empty the tray several times per week to make the job easy and enjoyable. If you have time to do it daily that is even better. If your model has a solid floor in any portion of it, check it daily to see if it needs to be cleaned.

Your rabbit will enjoy his Ware rabbit hutch. It will give him a safe place to live and play. They also make it easy for you to care properly for your pet.

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