what do you feed a wild baby bunny

me and my sisters found a little baby bunny. we saved it from being attacked by a cat and we don't know what to feed it please help!

Read these 2 pages: http://www.rabbit-cages-and-hutches.com/what-do-wild-rabbits-eat.html and for babies, http://www.rabbit-cages-and-hutches.com/feeding-wild-rabbits.html

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Jul 14, 2011
when you find a wild baby rabbit
by: Anonymous

i've found a couple baby wild rabbits myself, either the cat was fixing to get them or the mother left them. i usually go to a pet store that sells powdered animal milk and give it to them slowly through a eye dropper or a suringe(without the needle). then slowly but surely i start giving them clover and vegetables that they like. all of my baby rabbits have lived.

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