What is a Rabbit Cage Called?

A rabbit cage is necessary to keep rabbits safe, no matter whether you keep them inside your house or outside in the yard. You can find many types of cages available for your rabbit.

Indoor cages can have plastic bottoms and wire tops. They may be completely of wire with a metal or plastic tray underneath to catch droppings. Or they can be large with a top made of fine wood like a piece of furniture. All indoor cages are just known as cages.

Outdoor cages may be known as cages or hutches, depending on the type. Wire cages can be hung under a roof and protected from the wind and rain or they can be hung in sheds or barns. These are also known as cages.

Sometimes you can get long units that contain 3 to 5 holes (each cage in a unit is known as a hole). These are usually from commercial rabbitries where hundreds of rabbits may be raised. If you have a few rabbits, one of these units can be quite handy. All your rabbits are kept in one convenient spot at the same level.

Another type of cage often used outside in a shed or barn are stackable cages. These are wire cages that are fastened one on top of the other. Usually stackables have three holes in them. They are also called rabbit condos. They do best where you have a level floor and walls for protection from the elements.

Finally, a hutch usually has a solid roof with shingles or other weather proofing on top. They may have one or more solid walls to protect the rabbit from the weather. This is the type of cage that has traditionally been used for generations. Most cages of all sorts have wire floors these days for easier cleaning.

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