where can you find dwarf hotot rabbit

by somer

Where can you find a dwarf hotot rabbit?

You will find a breeder listing at http://www.adhrc.com

How big are they?
The ideal is 2.5lbs, 3lbs maximum

What are some names for them?
Start at http://www.rabbit-cages-and-hutches.com/pet-rabbit-names.html

Show me some videos
Sorry, I don't have any.

Do they have short hair or long hair?
Normal fur.

Do they bit?
All rabbits can bite under certain circumstances, namely when they are scared or irritated.

Do they have short teeth or little teeth?
Not sure to what you are referring. Their teeth are normal for a rabbit of this small size.

How old can they be?
Roughly 10 years or so.

What eats them?
Any number of predators. Canines, cats (wild and domestic), birds of prey as well as others.

What do they have to eat?
Normal rabbit food. Pellets, hay, and small amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Do they get sick easily?
They are known for diarrhea problems and teeth issues due to their body design. Keep a close eye on their teeth and their droppings.

Will they get an infection wearing clothes?
Odd question. You wouldn't want to leave them in clothing for long periods of time.

Do they NEED to be groomed by someone else?
No. Just common brushing.

Do they compete in competitions?
Yes, see http://www.adhrc.com/

For more information see http://www.adhrc.com and http://www.rabbit-cages-and-hutches.com/dwarf-hotot-rabbit.html

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