Where Do Wild Rabbits Live?

Wild rabbits live in many different environments. There are many different species all over the world. They have adapted to the various regions quite well.

European wild rabbits tend to dig extensive burrows in the ground. They live in large colonies called a warren. The burrows are interconnected. Nests are made underground in parts of these burrows.

Cottontail rabbits tend to stay safe in thickets, thick brush or hide in hollow logs. Wild rabbits utilize these natural hiding spots in the desert, the forests and the meadows that they live in. When they make their nests, they may use an abandoned hole from another creature or dig a shallow depression in the grass or brush called a form.

Nests are lined with roots, leaves, grass and fur pulled from the female's belly. Nests can be found in unused grassy areas, along fence lines, in hayfields or in the brush. Most cottontail rabbits remain within a 2 to 10 acre area for their entire lives.

You can often find wild rabbits in briar patches, wild rose hedgerows, brushy areas bordering wooded areas, open grassland and even cropland. They especially like an area where two different habitats come together, for example, where a meadow meets a wooded area. In the winter, they are more vulnerable. They will live near ditches, sheltered windbreaks and brushy fence lines.

There are also some that prefer marshy areas and swamps. The swamp rabbit and marsh rabbit are both strong swimmers and do quite well hiding in the natural brush that grows in these areas. Wild rabbits that don't have adequate amounts of food may resort to landscape plants.

Snowshoe hares prefer conifer forests with dense underbrush. Cedar and spruce swamps are also prime territory for them when water levels are low. They rarely leave the woods.

Jackrabbits live in desert areas and prairies. They utilize the open spaces to spot predators that may be after them. They often feed in livestock pastures. The hot weather doesn't bother them like it does some other rabbits because their large ears help them to cool down.

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