Where to Put Your Rabbit Cage

Choosing where to put your rabbit cage is very important. If your rabbit is to live outdoors, the cage should be put somewhere that offers the rabbit shelter from wind and rain.

You'll also want to make sure the hot summer sun doesn't beat down on the cage during the heat of the day. Find a sheltered spot under a tree or shrub that will offer more protection for your rabbit. If you don't have a spot like that, perhaps you could put the cage in a protected nook near the house or under a carport or patio roof.

Indoors, your rabbit will want to be part of the family. Place the cage where he can participate in the comings and goings of your family members. If he has time to run free in the house, make sure any areas he has access to has been rabbit-proofed. Protect your cords, baseboards, furniture and carpeting. Always supervise him when he is running free.

His cage should be located where he won't be in any drafts. Watch where the sun falls during the day. You don't want him to get overheated. Try to find a spot in the living room or family room where your rabbit can be part of the action. Protect him from any pets that may pose a threat to him. Dogs and cats may be dangerous to your rabbit, although some get along just fine.

Whether your rabbit is indoors or out, make sure he is close enough to the common traffic areas your family uses so he can be greeted frequently. Rabbits get used to having attention and they appreciate being petted and spoken to as everyone goes on their way. Finding a good location for your rabbit will make the difference between a shy, frightened rabbit and one who enjoys the company of your family.

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