Why Does my Rabbit Run
Back and Forth in her Cage?

Running is a normal rabbit behavior that usually means they are having fun. This can take place outside of the cage or inside. Lots of rabbits like to get some exercise, and running around is the best way to get it, no matter where the rabbit is.

If your rabbit does this in the middle of the night and disturbs your sleep, try letting them have some time out of the cage in the morning after you get up and then again at night before you go to bed. Your rabbit will be able to stretch and get their activity in while you're awake.

Most rabbits will quiet down at night if given this opportunity to exercise at bedtime. Since rabbits are nocturnal animals, it is natural for them to be wide awake at night.

It is normal for them to run back and forth or in circles. Some may prefer one over the other. Make sure your rabbit has plenty of things to occupy her time at night. Toys and veggies or hay will keep her busy so you can get some sleep.

Another reason your rabbit may be running back and forth is if she is frightened. Does this happen when you are trying to pick her up? Sometimes rabbits panic and in their effort to escape they run back and forth wildly. If this is the case, talk soothingly to your bunny.

When you reach in to pet her, use the flat of your hand and calmly stroke the top of her head. Most rabbits like being petted there. When they have rabbit companions, this is where they groom each other. Take the time to calm your rabbit down if it seems she is frightened. She will eventually get used to your routine.

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