Wooden Rabbit Cage
Keep Him Safe,
Happy and Healthy

A wooden rabbit cage can be made from scrap lumber or they can be quite elegant and beautiful. The rabbit really doesn't care as long as it keeps him safe, happy and healthy. Wood can help protect your rabbit from predators and from the weather.

Wood is also very tempting to rabbits. If you opt for one of those fancy wooden cages, your rabbit will love to chew on it just as much as the one made of scrap wood.

Wooden cages are harder to keep clean since you can't really disinfect them. Urine seeps into the wood and you can't get it out. They won't last as long as a wire cage due to this problem and the chewing issue. Wood isn't perfect, but it does have some good qualities or it wouldn't be used any more.

Wood is a great material to keep out drafts. Rabbits are susceptible to drafts and wet weather. Wood can give them a nice secure home that keeps them warm. Wood can be decorative and look nicer in the yard. Wood also creates a heavier hutch than wire, giving your rabbit's home more stability and security.

If you decide to buy or build a wooden rabbit cage, there are a few things to keep in mind. Stay away from treated wood. Your rabbit will chew on the wood... they can't help themselves! Treated wood will poison your rabbit.

Choose wood that is in good shape without a lot of knots and splits. Put your hutch together with wood screws and it will stay together longer than if you use nails.

There are ways to help protect the wood from your rabbit. Use wire to cover the inside of the cage. It may help prevent your rabbit from getting a favorite place to gnaw on when they need something to do.

You can also provide wooden toys that may help distract your bunny from chewing on his house. Providing toys can give your rabbit something to do. Empty tuna fish cans are fun for them to throw around the cage. Glue one of those plastic Easter eggs together with a little rice inside and they get a fun rattle to roll around. Hang a wooden bird toy from the ceiling for the bunny to play with.

Another way to approach this is to use a normal wire cage and partially enclose it with wood. This allows you to create a space between the wire and the wood so the rabbit cannot chew on it. Of course, some rabbits are very talented when they go to the bathroom, and you may end up with a spray of urine where you cannot clean it.

All in all, a wooden rabbit cage may be perfect for your situation or it may not. The only way to know for sure is to assess your needs and your budget. Your pet will be happy as long as he feels secure. Don't rush into these decisions. Make sure that you are choosing the right hutch for your needs.

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