Building a Wooden Rabbit Hutch

A wooden rabbit hutch looks great. They are solid, can be decorated on the outside and will keep your pet safe. They can be plain or fancy. You can even build them to look like your own house with the same paint colors. These hutches often fit in with the landscaping in an attractive way.

You'll want to find a good plan to help you build your hutch. For framing the hutch, you can use 2 x 4s or 2 x 2s. Either size of lumber will provide a strong framework upon which to build the rest of your hutch. Make sure your framework includes long enough legs to raise the hutch comfortably off the ground to make it easy for you to care for your pet.

Sides can be made of plywood by itself or you can cover the plywood with decorative siding. Get a nice thick plywood rated for outdoor use so it lasts. OSB board is cheap, but it falls apart quickly.

Rabbits are known to chew on wood, so you want to do your best to protect the interior wood from your rabbit. You can do this by putting wire over the interior wood or by using a wire cage mounted inside the framework of your hutch. Don't use chicken wire or lightweight hardware cloth for the floor or front of your wooden rabbit hutch. Hardware cloth is okay to use to protect the inner wood of the hutch. Don't paint on the inside of the hutch since paint is usually toxic to rabbits.

Attach your plywood on the outside of your framework. Wood screws work well because they bite into the wood. Nails work well, but they may come loose over time. Buy some sturdy hinges and a good clasp to keep your rabbit safe. Make sure the door is big enough to allow you easy access to the entire hutch.

Make sure the roof of your wooden rabbit hutch is waterproof. You can use shingles, corrugated fiberglass or tin or any other roofing material. Install it correctly according to its instructions. Watch out for nails protruding into the interior of the hutch.

Now you can add on all the fun stuff like a hay rack, the feeder and your water bottle. You can add a litter pan with absorbent bedding if you wish. Set up the hutch someplace where your rabbit is out of the wind and rain. Shade is particularly nice for the summer. You don't want the hutch to be vulnerable from any direction. Set it up around trees, near a fence or a building if you can. Don't put it in a place where direct sun will shine inside on your pet. Rabbits can die of heat stroke fairly quickly on a hot day.

Now you're ready for your pet! When your pet comes home, let him or her explore her new wooden rabbit hutch without interruption. Have the food and water all ready for him. Take the time to let her adjust for awhile before you start picking her up and introducing her to even more new surroundings.

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